Saturday, November 5, 2011

Transformer Prime Gets Benchmarked On AnTuTu

We’re seeing more and more news on the Transformer Prime lately and it should only be a matter of time until that bad boy lands in the hands of the masses. Here’s some more news to assist with all of the drooling and to keep the crave going a bit. In a recent screen shot we can see a pair of Asus Eee Pad TF201 devices running the AnTuTu benchmark application touting some pretty high scores. The graph displays a standard 1.4 GHz tab’s results but if you’ll note the top result, it’s a Transformer Prime clocked at 1.6 GHz reporting a max score of 12872. Damn! The device displaying the 7596 results is a Transformer TF101. And though benchmarks are the end all and be all of the device’s performance, they can be a good starting point. This should suffice as a slight taste of what the new Kal-El chipset can do. Stay tuned as we continue to dig up some more on the device until its release. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

[via Engadget ]

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