Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rovio teases Angry Birds Seasons Halloween update with video


It looks like we were right last week about the recent hinting Rovio has been doing over an upcoming update to Angry Birds over the past couple weeks. Originally we thought it would be an update to Seasons with a new Halloween chapter and we were right.

We did modify the post a bit after AngryBirdsNest mentioned it could also be a version of a Nightmare before Christmas version of Angry Birds, similar to what they did with Rio, since it's coming to DVD. However, our initial guess was correct. How do we know this? Aside from the pictures which smacked of a Halloween theme, Rovio has just released a video teaser about the upcoming update that, even though could look like a Nightmare before Christmas type thing (even though the birds are wearing costumes), then end up looking into a bucket of candy although one looks like a Candy Cane.

Check out the video above to see the teaser. This Halloween update should be out fairly soon since Halloween isn't too far off. Have no fear, when it drops, we will be sure to let everyone know! Keep in mind it still could be a whole new Angry Birds game but all signs are pointing towards a new Halloween update even more now.

Developer Website: Rovio

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Michael said...

Interesting. But I'm not that into 'angry bird' stuff unlike my friends. I just don't wanna get hooked. LOL!

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youdie said...

hahahaha.... Not if You're a major daily, not going to addiction...

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