Thursday, November 10, 2011

20 most popular Android applications in the United State

providers of information, surveys, and analysis of leading global, have examined the behavior and the factors that affect consumers in shopping and noticed something. Well recently the first time Nielsen rating agency released a report based on the measurement data of mobile media users use the latest Formula Smartphone Analytics.

This latest analysis service, using measured data from thousands of Android smartphones and Cisco IOS (apple) in the United States produce reports that actual consumer behavior.

Based on agency reports reveal that after the order of application "Android Market app" itself as the first rank, then the Facebook Applications (apps for Facebook), maps (maps) and mail (correspondence) has ranked highest among active users over the age Android of 18 years in the United States. (Definition of "Active" is the percentage of Android apps that use the gadget owners in the last 30 days)

Meanwhile, of the 20 most popular Android applications, has been demonstrated using the same active between male and female android phone users, but important differences exist in access / utilization of social media. Because the access of Facebook mobile android version reaches 81% are women, compared with only 69% male users only

Then in addition to social media-related applications, it is a kind of android application Kindle (ebook reader) and "Words Game with Friends," also has had an active rank among the men. Google Maps also reach the active ranks among the users are male, which is about 77%, compared to users of 71.8% female android.

Android MarketOverall Active Reach: 90.5%

Searching and searching beyond than 150,000 applications and games android is available for download, can be arranged by category, in order to suit the needs / Android user experience.

Google Maps — Overal Active Reach: 74.6%

Downloading the latest digital maps from Google sources directly displayed on the Smartphone user.

GmailOverall Active Reach: 74.5%

Access all Email users directly from your Smartphone.

Facebook Overall Active Reach: 73.5%

Dividing the Update status of users home screen, chat with fellow colleagues, open the News Feed, check out the scheduled events, see the information and the status of fellow colleagues wall, checking in at places where the transaction, upload photos, share links, check the Messages , and watch the various videos.

Google SearchOverall Active Reach: 71.9%

Type in the keyword search directly from your smartphone to get search results, setting the advice of the web searches, as well as a quick look for weather, stock prices data, local business news, and all sorts again.

YouTubeOverall Active Reach: 51.4%

Viewing video content online directly from your smartphone.

Advanced Task Killer Free — Overall Active Reach: 26.1%

Android application is used to turn off certain applications that are running in multitasking mode, and simultaneously clean the working memory that applications use TSB.

Angry Birds — Overall Active Reach: 25.9%

Games that seek Strength Unique birds being angry (the Angry Birds) to destroy the fort made ​​a greedy pig.

Quickoffice ProOverall Active Reach: 25.3%

Create, edit and share files Microsoft ® Office

Price: $ 14.99

Pandora RadioOverall Active Reach: 23.9%

is android application that provides streaming radio broadcast on the terms of the needs of users obtaining music online through internet access Smartphone respectively.

The Weather ChannelOverall Active Reach: 17.8%

Equipped view animated radar and many others, presents the advantage of information "The Weather Channel" into the Smartphone.

Amazon AppstoreOverall Active Reach: 17.7%

Through this application, available alternative options gratissan or paid Android apps a la Amazon.

Words With FriendsOverall Active Reach: 16.0%

An android game that challenges the preparation of a word (like a crossword puzzle) and can be played online with online co ​​Android Smartphone users.

Talk – Text to VoiceOverall Active Reach: 16.0%
Android application allows a line of text is converted into sound (voice) using a special algorithm, making it easier smartphone sounding words that chill the user. Currently available are in English and Spanish.
TwitterOverall Active Reach: 14.9%
Follow your desire (Follow your interests): sebauh applications that easily update information short (remarks) instantly from and to fellow colleagues, certain industry players, favorite celebrities, and everything that happens around the world.
Barcode ScannerOverall Active Reach: 13.9%
Applications android who activate the smartphone camera to scan barcodes on certain products are sold, so knowing the price data and a review of pertinent product information. Format also allows users to scan Data Matrix and QR Codes that contain URLs, contacr info, etc. ..
Adobe ReaderOverall Active Reach: 13.9%
is able to provide PDF files of high quality, the content of the document search process is quick and easy to interact with the Smartphone and Tablet Android users.
Angry Birds RioOverall Active Reach: 13.6%
In the game Angry Birds Rio android version of this, the story of an angry bird (Angry Birds) was kidnapped and stolen into a magic city of Rio de Janeiro, where their mission after escaping their captors and set out to free their friends the other birds.
KindleOverall Active Reach: 12.4%
Allows to download various versions of the Kindle ebook by Smartphone Android includes access to thousands of free ebook Kindle without using gadgets at all.
Google+Overall Active Reach: 11.8%
Ease of users in reviewing the concept of sharing the truth, and can now be accessed via smartphone. Google + is still in the stage of continuous development, and distribution is only done by the user using a special invitation from Google.

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