Thursday, November 10, 2011

Obama and the American Military Replace the BlackBerry with Android

Although a variety of independent research results mention that Google's Android and Apple's IOS are the two mobile platforms continues to increase its users but still many companies and agencies who clung to the BlackBerry. The reason, a security system on your BlackBerry more secure than in the Android or IOS. Is this correct?

It may still be trusted for now, but not some future time. This is related to what is conveyed by the U.S. National Security Agency, U.S. Army, and other other U.S. military branch that really need full protection kemaanan to support military operations and all information contained in it.

Told by the U.S. Government Computer News (GCN) that Google, George Mason and the NSA have worked together to produce Android 3.0 kernel is more robust. The kernel was created to support "a government plan to make a wireless network of national security."

President Obama is known as a very loyal and believe in the security system on the Blackberry. But if you look at the quote below then you will come to the conclusion that Obama will soon switch to Androrid:

"In addition to the Army plans to equip troops with smartphones, the Obama administration is also interested in technologies that can support the two plans. One of the plan was an attempt by the White House Communications Department to replace the technology in the office of the president of the BlackBerry device to Android-based smartphone. The reason is because Android devices with the new kernel has a higher security level than the BlackBerry. "- Michael McCarthy, operations director of the Army's Brigade Modernization Command's Mission Command Complex.

Well, the security system of government could be different from security system companies or agencies that prefer the BlackBerry. But you can easily see that the American government more confidence in the security of his country in the hands of Android rather than the BlackBerry. How is your premises?

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