Thursday, November 10, 2011

Master the Android Mobile Phone Market Share in U.S.

Known from the results of Nielsen reports that Android ranks first in the ladder The most popular smart phone OS in the third quarter of 2011. Based on the survey, ranks first Android OS with a market share of 43%, while the second on Apple's IOS with 28%, with 18% BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 by 7% while for other OS by 4%. Of course, Android is a big market share reflected in the many vendors that use the OS, whether operated for upper-class mobile middle class and even the beginner class. According to Nielsen, it does not want to wait for a similar report for the fourth quarter of 2011 was, of course, with Commencing the 4S Apple's iPhone and phones that contain the starting amount of Mango will erode market share from Android.

In addition to market share for OS phone, the report also describes the comparison of the differences between the feature phone (feature phones) and smart (smart phone). Own regular feature phone to cell phone labeled medium class which focuses on the main functions of the phone. At the beginning of the year, almost 70% of respondents Nielsen has a feature phone, but in the third quarter of this figure dropped dramatically to 57%. It seems that smart phones are now indeed very rapid development. Known at the third quarter of 2011, 62% of consumers aged 25-43tahun have a smart phone, roughly around 54% in the age category 18-24tahun and 35-44 years.

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