Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How to Partition SD Card in Android

Many of the agan like try-coa or install the application so that the memory is full ..
to manipulate the memory .. follow the following step by step

Step 1:
download an application partition manager for PC / notebook please select
Partition Wizard Home Edition here

Step 2:
colokin phone to PC / Laptop using the USB cable
mount SD Card .. Backup all the data .. except that no important data ..

Step 3:
Open Partition Wizard Home Edition ..
Right-click the SD Card and then select Delete

Step 4:
Create 3 Partitions
The first partition:
Set it to FAT32 with the size as you wish .. (Eg: 1 GB)
Create .. as primary ..
This partition we use to store documents, multimedia, etc.
The second partition
Set to the desired size of the ext2 .. (Eg: 500 MB)
Create .. as primary ..
We use this partition for the installation files or program files (apps / games)
The third partition
Set as linux swap with the size specified
Create .. as primary ..
This partition serves as virtual memory to help the working RAM for not too heavy ..

Step 5:
Click Apply .. wait until all succeed ..

Step 6:
unplug the phone and then restart the phone

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