Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How to Creat 3D Desktop with SPB Shell [ step by step ]

Now i want to Creat 3D Desktop with SPB Shell step by step, oke check it how to creat 3d desktop for your android device..

step 1:
# root hp with SOC

step 2:
# SPB Crack download here
# SPB Shell 3D download here

step 3:
# copy and SPB Shell SPB Crack 3D to MMC (extract first)

step 4:
# install SPB Shell 3D
# Do not run after first

step 5:
# install SPB Crack
# after completion .. SPB Shell run from the desktop

Step 6:
# notification if there is root or super user .. select allow

Step 7:
# run SPB Shell
# then select as the default

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