Thursday, November 10, 2011

as Apple, Android Will Banned in the United States?

Apple received a court lawsuit. U.S. court decision which was controversial not only benefit Apple, but also can threaten the existence of Android based phones. Because of the court ruling, could have appeared ban all cell phones and Android-based tablet in the United States.

Previously, Apple has won the initial decision of a U.S. trade panel that handset HTC Taiwan has violated two patents Apple. HTC using Google's Android operating system for smart phones and the case was being closely watched market mobile devices.

The initial decision that the court has created a rumor among the handset makers because the decision maker to convey the message to other smart phones based on Android.

Apple's victory could be a bluff to other Android handset makers or submit a request to the U.S. ban on imports of HTC, as reported in The Guardian.

The patent relates to data processing and cover acts such as device identifies the telephone number and asked him to menelpon.Apple upset that Android contains a 'server analyzer' which 'detects the data structure'.

VentureBeat reported the statement of a patent expert Florian Mueller. He (Mueller) said, "I have seen it earlier patent and the problem seems to be very basic."

"They are very likely violate the code that is the core of Android. This could be the worst scenario in the import ban on many if not all Android-based HTC handsets in the U.S. market," he said.

This case will be tails on the wealth of patent litigation between Apple and Samsung, which also uses Android, Apple and Nokia, and Microsoft and Motorola.

HTC said it would "firmly resist" the judge's decision the International Trade Commission (ITC) last week, but the commission has not fully decided.

Android-based smart phone sales have surpassed the global iPhone sales but Apple hopes to launch a new iPhone this year and give yourself a huge boost.

Initially, Apple accused HTC has violated 10 patents but six patents from the case and the judge denied the ITC set HTC violated two of the four remaining patents.

A final decision of the case was on 6 December. Apple has filed a lawsuit against HTC parallel in court in Delaware.

"We believe we have strong evidence for the appeals process ITC, (We) fully prepared to defend by all means" said General Counsel Grace Lei HTC. HTC shares fell 6.5 percent on Monday as the stock buyback announcement failed to stem weakening.

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