Thursday, November 10, 2011

Android Start Losing prestige in America, Still Strong In Other Areas

Without a doubt, Android is currently the most popular operating system by many people around the world. Even Google's home in the United States, controls more than half of Android smart phone market. But it seems the Android boom slowly began to decline in the last quarter in the U.S. with a market slightly down from 52.4% to 49.5%.

Although this seems to just drop a moment, but Needham & Co. analyst. Charlie Wolf believes that this decline will continue for some time to come. He said that this is the beginning of the decline in the Android market in America. Still, he says that the Android market will rise again during the months of June through September, and will drop dramatically at the end of the year when the iPhone 5 was released by Apple.

Wolf said the decline in the Android market in the United States since the entry of the iPhone 4 to operatir Verizon Wireless which has been the largest base in the U.S. deployment of Android. Even becoming sells the iPhone 4 unlock and iPhone 5 which was released also for Sprint and T-Mobile will increasingly make the iPhone a more equitable distribution for the 4 largest operators in the United States.

Despite losing in the U.S. market, Wolf said that Android still has a huge market in AsiaPacific and other regions where cheap Android phone is in great demand. Contrary toAndroid, Apple could be challenged to create a version of 'lite' of the iPhone for emerging markets that used to sell phones without a contract such as China where the mobile phone market is growing rapidly pntar. Approximately 896 million people predicted to be mobile subscribers in China that made the biggest market in the world.

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