Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 Facts Mobile Android

1. Android is a touchscreen smartphone operating systems such as IOS iPhone and BlackBerry OS. Google's Android was developed and first appeared in 2007 with its first mobile phone G1 T-Mobile.

2. What's so special about Android?

Unlike Apple's OS, Research In Motion (RIM) or Microsoft Windows Mobile, Google released Android as an open-source OS under the auspices of the Open Handset Alliance. The other thing is the Android OS is very good, fast and strong and has an intuitive user interface that is packed with options and flexibility. Google continues to develop it.

3. Is Android phone called "Droids"?

No. "Droid" is a brand owned by Verizon Wireless Android phone (X Droid, Droid Eris, Droid Incredible and so on). Sprint 4G HTC Evo is not the "Droid" but still an Android smartphone.

4. Why choose the Android phone than the iPhone?

One reason is that Android is integrated with Google services like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts and Google Voice and perfect for anyone who uses Google services.

One of the things from Android is the first turn it on when you are prompted to enter a user name and password and all Google Google messages, contacts and other info start synchronized to the handset without sync to the desktop. Moreover Android is an open source where we are free to do anything about the application.

5.Kelemahan Android?

Regarding music and videos Android does not have official media syncing to the desktop client. However, in general, Android gives you more choice about how to set up your phone and its contents.

6. What are the different versions of Android, such as the "Donut," "Cupcake" and "Froyo"?

Just like Apple's IOS, Google's Android keep updating with new features. Android is the latest version 2.2 with the code name "Froyo" adding features direct USB withdrawal, mobile hotspot functionality and support for Flash. This means Flash video and Flash module that does not work on the iPhone will work on the Android web browser. Version 1.6 is called "Donut" that adds speed, increased screen resolution and camera and recorder applications more quickly. Version 1.5 "cupcakes" to add a video recorder.

7. If there is why it stuck Android 2.2 version 2.1 even 1.6?

One disadvantage of Google is so much provide a version of Android. Manufacturers and operators can decide to upgrade their phones to the latest version of Android.

On the other hand, the iPhone has a few versions in which to launch a new version of IOS can be done at once and more easily.

8. How many apps available for Android?

About 70 thousand more and continues to increase every day. Google does not give special treatment for their applications.

9. How to choose an Android phone?

Android phones are available with a wide range of shapes. Do you want a QWERTY phone with a touchscreen or prefer? Looking for a big screen or that easily fit your pocket? Are your users an e-mail and text messages, or are interested in watching movies and videos in big screen? All questions were answered by the current Android product.

10. Latest Android phone?

There 4G HTC Evo. Samsung to release Android phone Galaxy S-class: Thin and lightweight, 4-inch AMOLED screen super high contrast, and is available on all major U.S. carriers. If looking for an Android phone QWERTY slide-out, consider the Motorola Droid 2 Verizon or Samsung Epic 4.

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