Monday, October 3, 2011

Sharp Unveils Android Phones with 3D Capabilities

As Android phones continue to gain market share over popular smartphones like Apple’s iPhone and RIM’s Blackberry, several new additions to the Android family have been announced. Sharp’s newest Android offering, which carries the model name “Galapagos,” is slated to be released in Japan later this year. The Galapagos comes with a host of different features that have become nearly standard amongst Android phones, including an impressive camera shooting both video and still images. The most impressive aspect of this new
handset is the 3D screen, which Sharp hopes will bring such films and 3D content to smartphone users around the globe.

Though the idea of a 3D phone might conjure up images of consumers texting incessantly on their deviceswhilst wearing a pair of 3D glasses, these new products from Sharp don’t require any glasses. The phone is initially going to be released in two different versions, one of which will incorporate a touchscreen. The other device will sport a full QWERTY keyboard. Both phones are tailored to a design conscious consumer, and come in thirteen different color combinations.

While the arrival of a 3D phone is certain to grab the attention of diehard fans of such technology, analysts are divided on whether more phones will be developed with 3D capabilities. Though 3D content is becoming more widespread than it once was the majority of the film and gaming content developed by independent companies does not utilize 3D technology. This lack of content could prove to be detrimental for such a phone, although the device sports the capability to view such material; not very much of it is easily available at

On the other hand, some feel that the phone could encourage the furthered development of 3D content, in addition to encouraging other manufacturers to begin developing similar phones. In addition to the great camera and 3D-capable screen, the Sharp phones include hard-working processors, GPS, and the latest release of the Android operating system. As Android phones have become more and more advanced, they’ve already begun claiming former users of other popular smartphone devices. With the introduction of 3D Android phones, some feel that phones running the wildly popular OS will finally overtake their competitors.

Sharp has also addressed some of the concerns regarding the lack of available 3D content by signing several partnerships with gaming companies. These developers, which include Namco Bandai and Capcom, will create 3D games that will be available for the device. In fact, Capcom is expected to bundle games with the smartphone when it is released later this year.

As a Japanese company, it makes sense that the initial release of the new Galapagos phone is taking place in Japan. The company has yet to release plans to introduce the state-of-the-art phones in the United States, though many consumers are hoping that such a decision takes place in the months to come. Much of that decision will likely be based on how well these new phones do in the Japanese marketplace.

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