Monday, October 3, 2011

Major Security Hole Uncovered in Samsung Galaxy S II for AT&T

lockWhile reviewing the new Samsung Galaxy S II for AT&T, the folks at BGR noted something unusual. With the right combination of button presses, the device’s pattern and PIN lock screens can be bypassed. This makes locking the phone essentially pointless. The real ‘uh-oh’ here is that AT&T and Samsung were unaware of this flaw, uncovered by a simple reviewer.

To bust into the new AT&T device all you have to do is wake it up, then wait for the lock screen to time out and go back to sleep. Then wake it up again, and the lock screen doesn’t even come up; you go right to the home screen. The flaw works on both pattern and PINs, and can only be exploited if the device has been unlock at least once since the last power on, but that’s a virtual certainty.

AT&T and Samsung are both looking into the issues, but have not released any official statements on the matter. We would imagine that a quick OTA update when the device is released will fix everything, but it’s still concerning. Do you think AT&T will tell buyers about the bug if it isn’t fixed in time?

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