Thursday, October 6, 2011

LG Optimus One Android Gingerbread 2.3.3 Update Rolling Out

Hello LG Optimus One owners, it`s time to get a bite of Gingerbread. Though not as per scheduled, LG has started to roll out the GingerbreadAndroid update in India. Reports from some countries, signifies that LG Optimus One P500 can now be updated to Android OS v2.3.3 aka Gingerbread. LG first decided to spread the update via Android Market, but it will be available through the LG’s desktop client, when it is available.

This LG Optimus One Gingerbread update brings.

  • Improved Battery Life.
  • More Android Market Apps Support.
  • New User Interface.
  • Improved System Performance.

Now it`s confirmed, the update is expected to release by the end of September. Some manufacturers are already rolling out the Gingerbread updated LG Optimus One Devices as the update is available to them. There`s also some rumors that the recently launched Smartphones, such as the Optimus 2x and Optimus 3D too will get a Gingerbread update soon.

All we advice before update your device in to Gingerbread, keep backup your valuable datas to protect the data loss.

We recommend you to update your device as the update is made available to you and do let us know how it works out on your LG Optimus One.

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