Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Windows 7 for Android - A Really Bad Idea?

Dangerous ideas usually come with a warning suggesting viewers don’t try this at home. In our opinion, bad ideas for apps should come with one too. It’s not that the app is bad. It succeeds very neatly in what it sets out to do. The question though is why would anyone set out to do it in the first place.

Windows 7 for Android lets users install an emulation of Windows 7 on an Android device. It replaces the default home application giving them a task bar at the bottom of the screen, a start menu, a widget page and, of course, a desktop just like the one on their PC.

Shortcuts on the desktop lead to the apps and consist of icons that even include the little arrow indicating that the icon is a shortcut and not the program itself. Press the Start button and you can access the Explorer browser, the Android Market, Messages and Social Networking. Pictures, Music and Games are all easily accessible on the right, which shows links to the “Control Panel,” “Default Programs” and “Shut Down.” The task bar carries icons for the browser, SMS, the dialer and the library. Dominating the desktop image is Microsoft’s giant, colorful Windows Logo.

As a piece of design, it’s all beautifully done. The screen looks even better in landscape than it does in portrait mode as though you were looking at a desktop monitor.

But, thankfully, you’re not looking at a desktop monitor and the device you’re holding isn’t running a bloated, overpriced, badly-designed operating system created by a firm that’s been dominating a different market for far too long. You’re holding a device running an operating system that’s open source, freely licensed and available for other companies to use and build. It’s an OS designed for mobile devices and touch screens with all of the instant access and slick user interface that demands.

One of the biggest benefits of the growth in mobile markets has been the move away from the PC world, and with that move, the weakening of Microsoft. Installing a version of Windows on a device built for Android might look like fun — but the biggest fun will be remembering why you no longer have to cope with Microsoft’s products any more. Install at your peril.

Download Windows 7 for Android at:


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