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top 17 Android 3.0 Honeycomb App

The all new Android 3.0 is here to take away your breath but the first to launch this version (Motorola) is on the verge of extinction. With many new tablets and integration with high end smart phones, Android is the new taste of communication, redefined.

The monopoly of the sadistic Apple screen has triumphed and now it is time for the world to decide their own taste of customization and applications to run on their phones and tablets. Androids have already proved their credentials and with every new version it progresses, its competitors are left further behind.

For all those who have been addicted to Apple since quite a long time, might argue of its credibility and competitive edge. But we have seen what Gingerbread did to them and the all new Honeycomb is sure to sweep the complete iPad range.

Best Android Honeycomb (3.0) Applications

This is what we came up with while picking our top 17 apps worth downloading in order of their download priority. We have no association with the developers of these applications, but we do recommend our readers to grab a bite of these apps to feel the difference.

1. Google Sky Map

Ever wondered what it would be like to keep a tab on your favorite constellation over your android phone in real time situations? Well it is sure to grab your attention if I tell you about its ability to zoom in and out of the constellations in real time as well. Just carry it out with you on the go and you can have the whole sky to your mobile screen within few seconds. One of the best App out there in the market.

2. Google Earth

Its free, it’s versatile and most importantly its the best navigation system till date. The optimum performance can be seen on the Motorola Xoom running on tegra processor. While we were trying to view the streets and along with the landmarks and other associated functions, this app did not glitch even once during the whole browsing session. It is definitely better than iPad Mapping.

3. Pulse

Undoubtedly being the best, deserves the number 3 in our list to be in your main home screen. The core concept is to bring in all the news and information from across the globe and display its thumbnail with a small excerpt from the source. The best part is the clutter free browsing and ability to share links over the internet. With this App, your browsing experience might change a bit with instant visual and informative pages at your home screen.

4. Google Body

The complete information manual about the human body in a nutshell. The interface is quite good and the browsing mode is very easy. You can tap to zoom in and out with ease and the viewing mode can be change to skeleton or muscle. You can easily select any part of the body such as eyes or nose and with one single click you get all the necessary information at your app screen. It certainly is a good reference app from Google.

5. FlightTrack (£3.07)

How often have you felt an urge to check flight schedule on your mobile device? At times, when we want to check flight schedules quickly before making important decisions, imagine the time saving it provides while organizing meetings and schedule planning hours. Even though it is a paid application, access to more than 4000 airports and 1300 airlines is worth it.

6. Angry Birds Rio

If you don’t know about Angry Birds, then you have a minus 10 IQ with respect to Android. Angry Birds Rio, is the next big thing after its predecessor which hit landmark downloads in just a week from its release. The best part is that, its FREE. Enjoy the rubber band stretch with your idea of accuracy.

7. Double Twist

This desktop app has the ability to provide single sync platform for all your music. This all in one app is easy-to-use with a simple and interactive user interface. The image rendering of the songs with wallpaper can now be rendered in HD as well. The screen looks better in HD? Doesn’t it?

8. Adobe Connect Mobile

The mobile version of Adobe Connect is a sure shot catch for all the android lovers. The web conferencing is quite good on tablets and other next generation devices but the webcam fails to render on Motorola Xoom and Blackberry Play Book. The screen share and meeting host can be configured easily to suit your office and personal standards. Soon this mobile version is going to be on every Android powered devices I guess.

9. Kindle

Kindle was, sorry is, one of the best electronic tab to view docs and file formats. Google books works quite well with Android 3.0 but this app is also up to to the mark. Something that every one would love is the automatic integration with the server to show your previously purchased books in the shelf.

10. Air Attack HD (£1.80)

The second in line to the Angry Birds popularity, runs on rich graphics and promising game play. The game is full of twists and turns with the HD version providing a better clarity and functionality to the user’s experience. The Boss battle after taking down a point in the game after the group of tasks completed together, is something that you will love the most. Though it’s not free to use but it’s better than other paid games floating the market.

11. Weatherbug

Android 3.0 has serious issues with AccuWeather. It always fails to load or crashes soon after it loads and it’s quite clumsy as well for an average user. What comes as a relief to this App is the Weatherbug. It is less clumsy and less buggy as well. The GPS automatically detects your location and shows your regional weather. One can also add city and places to be monitored manually.

12. SoundHound

Have you always thought of having a program that can easily recognize the song from the music that you just heard in the subway tunnel or at a shop you passed by last night? Never miss a song again because this app does exactly what it says. It is almost perfect with 90 percent of all the tracks we have tested and has a large library for cross reference. For all those who are wondering that it can recognizes the song from the whistles that you blow, grab a coffee and dream on!!!!

13. Dropbox

It is one of the top edged business and corporate app with the ability to share content from anyplace and anywhere over the internet. You can share almost all kinds of file formats from images to docs as well as videos. The Android 3.0 provides the best way to share and send multimedia files across the globe.

14. DocumentsToGo

If you have the constant habit of being in touch with Microsoft family, I mean MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel, this is a must have app for your Android. The poor mans version does not have the capability to edit documents and it does not work with Google Docs as well. The only basic functionality it provides is that of a portable viewer but come on who gives it these days without some cents? After all something is better than nothing.

15. Androidify

A good for nothing but worth many a things if experimented with. This app does nothing but help you customize the Android mascot and bedazzle it with colors and add on accessories. You can share it over the net and upload it to almost all popular image hosting websites. Still thinking its confusing? try it out. After all it is free.

16. Springpad

It is just like the small notice board you have put down on your cubicle or the desk space wall that’s officially yours. It is a collage of organized tasks and notes all from your app and it displays images as well. You can add maps and directions as well to it. Well there is also a barcode scanner but that not something I was talking about. It is an AIO for all your diary management.

17. BackBreaker THD (£3.09)

For all the football lover gamers (I mean the American football) this game has got some potential. The moves are pretty good and the turns and rotations are near to realistic movements. The Stadium and the crowds are cheering the spirit up all through the game. The hardware acceleration on high end android phones is worth a watch.

We have put our sincere effort to build up this list for you. During this listing we might have missed some great apps which deserves to be in this list. If you feel like we missed something big you may leave your valuable feedback in the comment section. Enjoy the Android ride.


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