Saturday, September 24, 2011

LogMeIn Ignition - Anytime Anywhere

Android smartphones might be getting smarter and better, but they’re still not full-fledged computers. LogMeIn Ignition provides a bridge between the mobility of a smartphone and the capacity of a computer through remote access. You’ll be able to access any file and even run programs on your PC or Mac when you’re away from your desk via your Android.

To use the app, you first have to download a program onto your computer. LogMeIn offers two versions of that program: LogMeIn Free and LogMeIn Pro2. The free version allows remote access to the computer, keyboard shortcuts, multi-monitor support and, most importantly, the ability to cut, copy and paste text onto your Android clipboard. This makes some light editing of documents stored on your home or office computer using a separate Android app possible but at the expense of formatting.

The paid version of the program, which costs $69.95 per year, allows for file transfer between the computer and the smart phone, enabling users to take a complete file from their desktop, use an editing app to work on it on their smartphone (or open the full program on their computer) then return the changed file to their desktop. The Windows version makes that transfer particularly easy with its drag-and-drop functionality. You can also activate remote sound, making light of the phone’s minimal storage and turning your PC into your own personal multimedia cloud.

That kind of access though isn’t cheap, and at $29.99 LogMeIn Ignition is one of the more expensive apps in the Android marketplace. It’s also one of the more expensive remote access apps despite plenty of competition.

But it is reliable and for business users who spend a lot of time on the road and occasionally need to gain access to their office computer, it could well be a price worth paying. While casual users might want to stick with Orb, a placeshifting app that also allows for live television streaming and which is now available for Android, LogMeIn’s more professional service could well be a better fit for the commercial world’s road warriors.

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