Saturday, September 24, 2011

How To Flash Samsung Galaxy Tab Android Firmware To Enable Phone Calls

Guides for you to Flash Samsung Galaxy Tab with Android firmware to enable phone calls. Samsung Galaxy Tab

Already getting a Samsung Galaxy Tab? Now there are steps for you to flash Samsung Galaxy Tab Android Firmware to the European version that means you can make or receive phones calls after then. Sounds exciting, now let's go.

The Steps to Flash Samsung Galaxy Tab Android Firmware:

Samsung Galaxy Tab

  • Download the Samsung_TAB_Euro_Flash_Package.7z.
    • kies_2.0.0.11011_16_5.exe
    • Odin3 v1.31
    • P1000XWJJ4
    • P1000XXJK5
    • modem_bell_i9000
  • Install and reboot: kies_2.0.0.11011_16_5.exe.
  • Extract Odin3_v1.31_PITupdate and put all the files contained in P1000XWJJ4 into Odin3 v1.31 source folder.
  • Set Samsung Galaxy Tab into "Download mode" and connect it to the PC with USB cable.
  • Start Odin3 v1.31.exe and make sure that the com post is yellow highlighted and check off Re-partition
  • Hit Start and relax. After about 2 minute and 50 there is a green highlight and pass stamp in the same Odin screen which will also reboot the Tab.
  • Turn off the tab and set it to download mode again. Transfer over the Odin folder the P1000XXJK5.tar file re-start Odin, connect the phone.
  • Leave the "Re-partition" unticked and load into "PDA" the tar file. Then Hit Start and wait for a moment, the same green pass will present and the tab will reboot.
  • Unpack the into Odin folder then start Odin up and select "phone". Load the modem.bin up and hit Start. Then wait for the Green pass.

Do as the steps you may enable the phone calls for your Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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