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flashing Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 to CodeRom NexusAce XXKPH 2.3.4

samsung galaxy ace s5830 300x246 flashing Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 to CodeRom NexusAce XXKPH 2.3.4

Key Features of CodeRom NexusAce XXKPH 2.3.4:

• A2sd darktremor accessible with A2SDGUI (credits to them)

• EXT4 support

• Rooted and Deodexed

• Used custom and powersound disabled (update: use antecedent S bootanimation)

• Power card add on: reboot, recovery, download approach (credits to: da_jok3r from; sk0t and Lovetz)

• Abolish some banal apps: SamsungApps, Samsung Banal Clock etc.

• Updated Google Apps & Other: Google Maps, Gmail, Messaging (with affair option), Root explorer, 3 fonts preinstalled (as apparent on Galaxy Tab)

• Now with A2SDGUI support

Pre-flashing analysis list:

• Open KIES and advancement your contacts and Bookmarks. (If you accept any added app like MYBACK PRO, again you can skip this step)

• Advancement your applications application Titanium Advancement or any added non-rooted aback up apps like App Monster.

• Accomplish abiding your sdcard was amid and has been formatted into ext4 partition.

(I am apologetic I don’t accept time to adapt tutorial to architecture SD into ext4, already completed. I will abode the articulation here)

Tutorial to beam Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 to CodeRom NexusAce XXKPH 2.3.4:

• First download CodeRom NexusAce rar book amalgamation which contains all the capital firmware aflame tools. Please agenda that afterwards downloading the rar file, you will accept to abode the book on desktop and again abstract the same. Use beneath articulation to to download for ROM:

• Analysis whether extracted binder contains these key files COPPER, APBOOT, MODEM, CODEROMNEXUS, CSC and of advance ODIN Multi Downloader v4.38

• Open the Odin Multi downloader v 4.38 book from the extracted files afterwards which you will see that a fresh window will be popping.

• Now, at this point of time you will accept to ensure that the KIES is absolutely bankrupt and additionally finer abutting all added programs in your computer too so as to ensure that thecomputer application amend action is not bedfast or disconnected in any manner.

• Afterwards this you will accept to accomplish abiding that your buzz is angry ON in the download mode, the download approach can be angry ON by acute Middle Key (OK Key) + Power key and Volume bottomward Key accompanying afore abutting to PC afterwards which the buzz will access in the download mode.

• So, afterwards bifold blockage that the buzz has entered in the download approach and affix your buzz to your PC, again chicken ID: COM block. Now, abutting up afterwards alteration any added ambit you will accept to baddest the files as they are mentioned below, this is actual important step, if any of the book is abominably entered again you will end up bricking the buzz for which we can’t be captivated amenable in any address what so ever.

OPS – Cooper_v1.0.ops

BOOT – APBOOT_S5830XXKPH_CL260130_REV03_user_low_true.tar .md5

Phone – MODEM_S5830XXKPH_CL260130_REV03.tar.md5

PDA – coderomnexus.tar.md5 (just avoid absurdity bulletin while inserting this file)

CSC – CSC_S5830SERKPH_CL260130_REV03_user_low_true.tar.m d5

• Afterwards blockage the entries as mentioned above, bang on the “Start” tab which is aloof amid aloft the “Select OPS” option. Please agenda that as anon as you bang on the Start tab it will booty 5 – 10 account to complete the firmware amend action and its awful requested on not to arrest the action as this may brick your buzz permanently.

• You will see that afterwards 5 – 10 account of time as mentioned above, the updation action is completed and you will accept to delay till you see home awning in your buzz and additionally you will accept to watch out for Odin as you will see that a Blue black box will be aglow up as “PASS”

• Now abolish your buzz cautiously from PC and go to settings and Locale to change language.

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• Official ClockworkMod Recovery for Samsung Galaxy Ace CodeRom NexusAce XXKPH 2.3.4:

Install CWM

  1. Download the .zip this file here
  2. Place the file in your sdcard
  3. Flash the zip through recovery.
  4. Reboot
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