Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A few good Android Camera Apps

Everyone knows that most of the time, the camera app on your smartphone is limited to providing regular camera features. Nevertheless, most of us owe a device that have at its back a lens that can shoot at least a reasonably sharp 3MP resolution. To help you get more out of your camera, we have here some camera apps that you can download into your phone, which augments the phone’s camera.

Vignette - Android Camera App

This app starts as soon as you open the native camera app. It adds to existing settings. You can immediately see the extra settings on the viewfinder’s right (effects, borders, megapixel, light adjustments and timer). There are 56 effects to try. The velvia effect is when you want vivid colours when shooting animals or nature. If your original settings lack panorama, you now have a panorama effect, with 17 frames effects for your images. While framing a shot, you can also trim or crop the picture.

Download Vignette at the Android Market:


FXCamera - Android Camera App

This app only has six settings. But don’t underestimate the usefulness of those six settings. First off, there is one called ToyCam, which sounds exactly like what it can do: It simulates the effects you might get if you were taking a picture with a toy camera, essentially bad colour, but you can pick any of the 10 colour modes anyway. You won’t need the Polaroid camera when you pick this effect, the Polaroid.

SymmetriCam is one unusual effect, which clones your picture and places it side by side. If you know who Andy Warhol is, you will appreciate the Warhol effects, all brightly contrasting primary colours. Lastly, there is the normal effect, which is practically no effect rendered to your image at all.

Download FXCamera at the Android Market:


Camera360 - Android Camera App

One of the most interesting effects you can obtain using this app is called Lomo. The trademark of Lomo is the way the colour cyan gives a picture its distinctive effect. Another feature you should take note of is one low-light mode. This one is a boon to users having a camera app that cannot adjust to low lighting conditions.

As for focusing with most camera phones, the focus is always fixed. But with the tilt-shift mode, you can simulate a short focus range so that it looks like you have selected a focal point in your image. There is one funny – depending on your point of view – effect, where you can put a cut-out image of a ghost or even of another person into a picture.

Download Camera360 at the Android Market:


Please do feel free to recommend or suggest your own favourite camera apps to our readers either by posting on our Androidmeup Facebook Wall or leave your comments here!

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