Sunday, September 18, 2011

Download McAfee Wave Secure android antivirus

Installation takes only minutes and requires the user to assign a “friend” number, which will be notified if the phone’s SIM card is changed. The idea of ​​the numbers of friends is a good idea, but it was a bit frustrating that the user is given the choice. That said, the phones of friends are able to block certain wavelengths the device is attached to, and the application has a lot of other useful features, which we will outline in a moment. Another option for installation is driving the application using adb, which installs the wave safe as a system application, enabling you to stay after data cleaning and use of the functionality of the root.

First let me say I am impressed with most of the implementation of wave function in safe place. That is, many of the features have unexpectedly broad functionality discussed below. It is worth mentioning, however, many of the features that must exist or be easy to use, not necessarily to the level they should be. Despite this, he was very hopeful because the name McAfee and sound impressive features list for the application.

The line of the console is pretty impressive – the interface is clean, has friendly icons and labels, and usually only easy to use. The user is first received by the lock screen, which locks the phone (which is to unlock the PIN using the user created in the log) and display a custom message. In addition, the user can activate an alarm to match the lock.
The following is the monitoring function. Despite its name, this feature tracks the SIM information. That’s the only thing this feature is shown, there is much to discuss.
The Location feature will be familiar to those who have followed the other applications in our shootout, the offer of McAfee includes a panel of Google Maps with the approximate location of the device. Something interesting about this feature is that you can update the location of a time or a continuous tracking feature that will track your device, either 1 or 6 hours. The option of continuous position comes with a warning though: if you leave it on, the battery will drain your device, perhaps “full”.

The following are secure backup wave and restore options. The backup option is running a backup of your device data. The user can choose which backup options, including contacts, SMS messages and call logs. The backup option is a nice touch, but I like to see more options, such as photo and backup media.

Finally, the user can delete data remotely. Once again, the wave gives certain user options which should be removed. The fact that the application does not automatically make a clean factory is comforting, because it means that the application will survive if the user of the device remotely clean. The same can not be said, however, if the device is erased by a thief factory (unless you’ve installed it as an application of the system, of course).

In addition to various remote control options for online console, users can view the backup data, but curiously, Wave Secure can not make the call records on demand. Instead, the user can view call logs remotely support, which makes the process a little more complicated than it should be.

McAfee Secure Wave offers a good set of features, but several features we have become accustomed to the absence or accessible only through an indirect process of backup and data visualization.
Ease of use – The line of the console and application controls are intuitive, easy to use and work quickly. Everything is as it should.
Tablet support (sort of) – The application runs on tables, but as the tablets can not accept text messages, some features are not available remotely.
Functionality test – McAfee offers a 7 day trial of all security features enable users to get an idea of ​​how the application works before committing to a subscription of 1 year.
Support to the root – This is a big one. McAfee has been kept intact the ability to push the wave safe as a system application, enabling you to use the powers of the root including automotive GPS on, and protection against erasure, ie, the application will continue to protect the device, even if a smart thief tries to clean the device.
Lack / indirect features – at the request of displaying the call logs, SMS logs, etc are absent. You can view this data through remote backup online data visualization, but there is no real reason for the lack of capacity on demand.
No support for multiple devices – Only one device can be controlled from the console line.
Limited support for SMS – Devices can be locked remotely from another device, but the functions will be unavailable if the device is not connected to the data or Wi-Fi.
Wave is generally safe solution reasonable, but there is much room for improvement. For $ 19.99/year (and for an application that comes from McAfee), I expect much more from him, especially when there are free alternatives that offer more features. McAfee’s name is reassuring, but I’m not sure the trust of the brand is enough to convince you to buy it as my primary security solution.

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