Thursday, September 15, 2011

Android Phone for Women

In this 2nd follow-up to our Android Phones for Women survey, let’s dive into what you thought about a “feminine” Android device, and how you thought an Android phone designed for us ladies should look:

  • 71% of you are not offended by the idea of phones designed to appeal specifically to males or females
  • 60% of you said that on a scale of 1 to 10, your likelihood of purchasing a phone marketed especially to women (assuming it had all of the features you wanted) was a 7 or higher. 20% of you selected a 10, meaning you would seek out a phone designed for women.
  • 51% of you said you are offended when manufacturers market phones specifically for women that have stereotypical non-functional features like a pink body
  • 44.5% of you said that color options would appeal to you, and 35.5% said phone bodies or skins with patterns and designs would appeal to you
  • 70% of you said you thought that color options would appeal to most women, and 45% of you said you thought phone bodies or skins with patterns and designs would appeal to most women
  • Only 16% of you said that phones with a smaller body would appeal to you, though 35% of you thought a smaller phone body would appeal to most women

Percentages calculated out of 154 survey respondents.

Before I go further, let me point out that in other parts of the survey, it was very clear that top hardware specs were more important to females than the way the phone looks, but for this post, we’re just looking at this aspect of an Android phone designed for women. (I chose to look at this aspect of the survey first because of the ad discussed below.)

So from these stats, it appears women are receptive to phones designed with more feminine aspects, and if we were designing the “perfect” phone for women, it looks like multiple color and pattern options would be a good thing to offer — as long as those options aren’t just stereotypical colors like pink. Surprisingly to me, a large majority of respondents would not be interested in a phone with a smaller body.

Here are some excerpts from survey comments on the look & feel of a phone for women:

  • “Women like bright colors!” – Julie Lett
  • “As much as I like pink, I don’t want a pink, girly phone!” – Anonymous
  • “The size of the droid phones is an indicator that the phones are clearly for men. The bulkier and heavier the phones are, the worse they fit in a pocket of tight girl jeans… My hands are small and delicate, I don’t want to have to wrestle with a huge brick just to answer the phone or text someone.” – Anonymous
  • “I personally would want a phone aimed at women that had the specifications of all the higher end Android phones, but with a feminine touch by way of colors and skins to make it a little more girlie.” – Anonymous
  • “I do not like black phones – they are hard to find in a purse.” – Lucy F
  • “Too much glitz or pink can be a turnoff, especially if you’re marketing to women over the age of 16.” – Anonymous
  • “Something not too big like a 4 inch screen.” – Anonymous

There is a rumor that this is an ad for a phone code-named the HTC Glamor, which people think will be marketed to women because of the color choices and the “clothes in a closet” design. All we know about it so far is how it looks in this ad, and it’s alleged code-name.

What do you think? Tell us in the comments!

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