Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What does the future hold for Android?

The recent news from Google purchasing the Motorola Mobility company has sent shockwaves through the telecoms industry and beyond, but what does this mean for Android as an operating system? There has been many speculations that phone manufacturers will now give Google the cold should and turn to other OS developers in fear that Google will now become a vertical business, both manufacturing software and hardware and integrating it perfectly much like Apple’s iPhone.

Ordinary consumers for so long were frustrated by the limitations of the iPhone regarding it’s accessibility and Apple has for so long dragged it’s feet in opening up iPhone to third party software developers claiming it sacrificed security and stability. Android on the otherhand has been open source and assessable which, has allowed it to grow remarkably quickly. Many developers which, were more than likley hanging around developing Facebook Apps have turned to Android as another area to expand their business.

That’s not to say Android hasn’t got it limitations it has plenty, but budding developers can easily personalize their phones alot easier with Android. Ordinary people are creating apps and games to add to their own phones. Hardware manufacturers and developers have been free to design the the software around their hardware, so Android has become extremely popular. Now Google holds an equal amount of patents to iPhone owners Apple which, means the platform can develop further. Manufacturers, developers and Google themselves will be able to progress further with Android development without the fear of patent lawsuits. Overall this means better hardware, software and a better user experience.

At the end of the day people have a choice which smartphone or tablet they would like to buy, my favored manufacturer is Samsung. Motorola is also far from being the greatest smartphone manufacturer in the world, so why would Google effectively kill off development of Android with it’s partners and turn Android into something people will ultimately hate. Google itself has defended many of it’s partners from attack, now they can help them to make better smartphones. Ultimately what the consumers think is what really matters and Android is now gaining an unbelievable amount of support. Google’s business is search advertising, I think it’s easy to lose sight of ones objectives, as long as Google take care of this business first and keep Android fully open, then Android is sure to have a bright future.

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