Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How to Downgrade Samsung Galaxy Ace from Gingerbread to froyo

If you are a little crazy like me who is accepting fun arena about with your Samsung Galaxy Ace, again you’ve anticipation of activity aback to froyo as able-bodied afterwards applying 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) or any ROM.

Why Beam Aback to Froyo? Gingerbread is better

Well, you will never apperceive if you accept a KIES amend if you did not acknowledgment to your banal firmware or the firmware of your buzz aback you bought your ACE OR addition in the internet has told you.

You and I aloof absence the banal feel of the Ace.


Are you abiding you appetite to do this?

First aphorism of aflame is… you do not accusation anyone if you bricked your phone. Your decision, your fault. Aflame is chancy so the accident is yours.

So, if you are ready, here’s HOW TO RETURN TO FROYO or 2.2.1 after bricking your buzz and accepting abounding functionality (Wifi, GPS, 3G… all working).


Download the aboriginal and abounding firmware for froyo 2.2.1 which is S5830XXJLC – you can acquisition it here.

Download the banal firmware for your region. If you are from the Indonesia like me, again you charge S5830DXKC1 which can additionally be begin here.

If you are not from the Indonesia, acquisition the Froyo firmware from your region in to samfirmware.com

Have Odin 4.38 – Google it.

Instructions/How to beam aback to Froyo?

*the acumen why we charge the abounding froyo firmware is because of all the functionality of froyo is abiding to be there.

Using Odin, beam S5830XXJLC (all, APBOOT, CSC, MODEM and CODE) to your phone.

Once aflame of XXJLC is successful, beam the 2.2.1 firmware from your region. (Since I’m from the Indonesia, I’ll beam DXKC1.)

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